Our Fine Sponsors

We are blessed to have many fine sponsors of Ascending Harvest, some of whom are listed below. Many have contributed prizes and others have contributed valuable services to help move the company forward. All are deeply appreciated!

Sponsor Contribution and Contact Information
Khalill Virgo

Contribution: Capital and Distribution

Khalill Virgo is the CEO and owner at Khalill Virgo Enterprises. He is very passionate about growing communities and businesses, both of his own and others. His calling is that of hospitality and he puts quality first before quantity. Khalill believes that we all can work together to create a strong connection in the world that can then be the driving force behind an incredible positive movement!

David Fox

Contribution: Business / Marketing Coaching

David Fox has been helping business owners and CEOs in service businesses generate leads, acquire ideal clients, and increase revenue since 2009. He is an expert at building research-backed marketing systems that help his clients grow and profit by acquiring lots of ideal customers while maximizing retention and customer lifetime value.

Annette Bau

Contribution: Millionaire Insider’s Strategy Session

Annette Bau, CFP® practitioner, is known as The Millionaire Insider and has spent 30 years advising, strategizing, and researching the top 1-2% of millionaires, affluent women, and entrepreneurs. During that time she has written five books, published several products, and founded PMA360.com, which is one of the most successful performance masterminds for advisors and entrepreneurs in the world.

Greg Goshorn

Contribution: Business Video and Banner Ad

Greg Goshorn established G2 Internet Solutions in 2013 after 20 years in the IT and Internet Space. The agency has grown and worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. His expertise is in Digital Marketing with specialization in Traffic, Video and Reputation marketing, and business consulting. Greg’s determination, energy and his passion for helping businesses continue to drive the growth behind G2 Internet Solutions and Online Local Video

Aaron Johnson

Contribution: Shotbox

Aaron Johnson is the CEO of Shotbox, a self-contained, collapsible, portable, hard-shell tabletop light box that gives you perfect lighting every time. It is the only hard-shell light box currently available on the market, and the only light box specifically made for use with your smartphone. The lighting is adjustable and the design of the box allows for shooting from multiple angles.

Bruce Lorange

Contribution: Protective Masks

Bruce Lorange is the CEO of O2Today, makers of the world’s most breathable urban air mask –  “Proven by Science, Crafted by Nature, Designed for Style”. O2TODAY™ breathing masks provide city dwellers, metropolitan commuters, cyclists, and global travelers with protection against air pollution, pollen, dust, airborne germs and pathogens. Created by renowned Designer Marcel Wanders, the O2TODAY™ mask offers the perfect balance between superior functionality and high street fashion.

Jill Lublin

Contribution: Public Relations Strategy

Jill Lublin is an international renowned speaker on the topics of publicity, kindness, referrals and networking. She is the author of the Best-Selling  book “Get Noticed Get Referrals”  (McGraw Hill) and co-author of the Best-Sellers Guerrilla Publicity (Adams Media) and Networking Magic (Morgan James). Buy Jill’s newest book Profit of Kindness at www.profitofkindness.com.

Andrew Reed

Contribution: Business Coaching

Andrew Reed is an experienced international executive, private equity advisor and business growth consultant. He is an expert in strategic plan development and implementation, and a transformational leader with a proven ability to quickly assess and addressing issues and opportunities.

Aaron Peterson

Contribution:  Shipping Container, Delivered

Aaron Peterson is the CEO of My Mini Casa, dedicated to providing the best priced shipping containers in the country, and because they have the #1 coverage area in the U.S., they can deliver to more locations than anyone else. They are also focused on  delivering the most affordable housing solution in North America.

Abraham Tinklepaugh

Contribution: Writing & Editorial Services

Abraham Tinklepaugh designs customized messaging solutions that move people to action. He is a an expert in graphic communications, media production and most especially, word craft.