Our Technology

February 15, 2019

We have the following hydroponic technologies in patent pending status;

  • Intelligent Grow Media™. The only hydroponic grow media that can be tuned to a plant’s water, nutrient, and physical root support needs. Indeed, it is the only hydroponic grow media that can support completely different plant needs, side by side, in the same container. It is the only hydroponic grow media that can be intermittently dosed with water and nutrients and still deliver consistent flow to the roots of plants.
  • Human-Powered Hydroponics™. Since our systems mechanically function entirely on the intermittent input of low-pressure air, we have the only re-circulatory hydroponics that can effectively be human powered. We can choose to run on hand pumped air, or an extremely efficient and inexpensive electric air pump.
  • Air Battery. Since our system runs entirely on air, we have a patent pending Air Battery. Like an electrical battery stores energy for disconnected use, our air battery stores air pressure. This simple mechanical device has no moving parts and nothing to wear out or to break down.
  • Oxygenation Chamber. Our Air Battery is also a hyper oxygenation chamber. Air stored under pressure with a large surface contact to the water and nutrients in our system allows rapid and saturated oxygenation. Since there are no moving parts, this is a reliable way to oxygenate and cleanse the supply of water and nutrients in each individual planter. This ensures that every planter is using biomimicry to promote plant health.
  • No Moving Parts Water Pump. Our air driven water pump has no moving parts. While this is not a new innovation, however, the way our pumps are designed so that they can be cheaply and efficiently injection molded is unique. They have been engineered to optimize water lift, with an adjustable air flow, that times precise volumes of cohesive air slugs in the output pipe. Our pumps can easily be adapted to a range of systems using the same three injection molded parts. They are extremely cost effective, have no moving parts to break down, and are massively over-engineered to provide service for decades, even centuries if well cared for.
  • Anaerobic Chamber. Anaerobic bacteria are some of the heavy lifters of organic material deconstruction in the natural world. These bacteria consume and ferment organic compounds to break them back down into bio-available plant food. This chamber capitalizes on the intermittent introduction of air to our system to flow a small amount of water in and out of the chamber. This is another leveraging of biomimicry to “mother” nature and use natural processes to provide plants with the nutrients they would receive in optimal natural environments.
  • Blended Hydroponics. Our Intelligent Grow Media™ offers a unique opportunity in farming. We can combine soil, soil amendments, and biology such as worms and nematodes into our systems. This provides rapid growth through constant water and nutrient delivery, optimized for the individual plants, while giving plants every aspect of natural biological systems they benefit from in the finest prepared soils.

A lifetime of studying plants and natural systems, engineering hydroponics and natural farming technologies, combined with a gift for engineering biomimicry technologies has enabled the development of truly revolutionary plant support innovation. Resulting in rapid, robust, and productive growth that cannot be matched by any other growing technology.

Our technology offers significant advantages for Cannabis farmers:

  • We isolate each plant for mitigation of potential pathogens.
  • We have the only hybrid hydroponic systems that combine hydroponics with soil. This ensures optimal water and nutrient delivery with hydroponics, and the natural micro biology, mineral support, and PH buffering of soil.
  • Our systems have built in aerobic and anaerobic bacteria support that naturally breaks down organic compounds into plant nutrients.
  • Our systems can run on less than 1/8th of a watt, per plant, per day for all of the water and nutrient delivery.
  • Our technology is economically advantageous in many sizes of systems, from individual planters for the home grower all the way up to fully automated large-scale commercial farms.
  • Our systems can process whole, natural, organic constituents as plant food, using the same natural and efficient macro and micro biological systems that are abundant in nature.
  • For research purposes, our technology can be used to isolate and support nutrients to fine tune the turning on and off of epigenetic triggers to express the desired genes and therefore the medicinal and nutrient characteristics of different plant strains.