Value: $1,500

Annette Bau: The Millionaire Insider: Millionaire Insider's Strategy Session.

Annette Bau, CFP® practitioner, is known as The Millionaire Insider and has spent 30 years advising, strategizing, and researching the top 1-2% of millionaires, affluent women, and entrepreneurs. During that time she has written five books, published several products, and founded, which is one of the most successful performance masterminds for advisors and entrepreneurs in the world.

She founded in 2000, which provides insider secrets on how to create and sustain a profitable business and a financially-free life that you love. Her vast knowledge in the areas of practice management, as well as insight on filling your funnel with ideal prospects, converting them to lifetime clients, and generating bottom-line results have made her a highly sought-after business consultant and international speaker.

Value: $2,500

David Fox, Fox Business Advisors: Business / Marketing coaching.

David Fox has been helping business owners and CEOs in service businesses generate leads, acquire ideal clients, and increase revenue since 2009. He is an expert at building research-backed marketing systems that help his clients grow and profit by acquiring lots of ideal customers while maximizing retention and customer lifetime value.

David works with a wide range of Business Owners and CEOs of service-based businesses, including B2B, B2C, growing companies, start-ups, and turnarounds. He has been the owner of several successful businesses, the CEO of a lead generation company, the COO of an international franchise company, a Marketing Consultant, Strategist, and Mentor.

Value: $1,500

Paul Hoyt: Hoyt Management Group: Startup Business Coaching

Paul Hoyt, the CEO of Ascending Harvest, has been a business consultant and coach for 17 years. He is the owner and principal consultant with the Hoyt Management Group and a best-selling author. He is an expert at helping new and growing businesses develop their strategic plans, create financial models, write business plans, and fund and execute their growth strategies.

Paul is the author of two business books: The Foundation Factor® – Critical Measurements in Business Strength (2004), and The Capital Coaching Program (2010), which helps entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of raising capital. He is also the author of the Business Survival Boot Camp and Beyond Business Survival CEO Training Programs, and the best-selling author of an inspirational book, The First Light of Joy.

Value: $1,100

Greg Goshorn, Online Local Video: Business Video and Banner Ad

Greg Goshorn established G2 Internet Solutions in 2013 after 20 years in the IT and Internet Space. The agency has grown and worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. His expertise is in Digital Marketing with specialization in Traffic, Video and Reputation marketing, and business consulting. Greg’s determination, energy and his passion for helping businesses continue to drive the growth behind G2 Internet Solutions and Online Local Video.

“We help businesses grow by managing the four most important assets of their business: their Email List, Social Media List, and Pixel List, which all lead to the most CRITICAL asset: their 5 Star Reputation online. And when a business manages those assets correctly they can have explosive growth.”


Aaron Johnson, Shotbox

The SHOTBOX is a self-contained, collapsible, portable, hard-shell tabletop light box that gives you perfect lighting every time. It is the only hard-shell light box currently available on the market, and the only light box specifically made for use with your smartphone. The lighting is adjustable and the design of the box allows for shooting from multiple angles.

Value: $20

Bruce Lorange, O2Today, Protective Masks

O2Today is the world’s most breathable urban air mask “Proven by Science, Crafted by Nature, Designed for Style”. O2TODAY™ breathing masks provide city dwellers, metropolitan commuters, cyclists, and global travelers with protection against air pollution, pollen, dust, airborne germs and pathogens. Created by internationally renowned Designer Marcel Wanders, the O2TODAY™ mask offers the perfect balance between superior functionality and high street fashion. Revolutionary natural filter technology from New Zealand makes O2TODAY™ the world’s most breathable air mask. 100% Merino fabric is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.