Now, anyone, anywhere can grow their own food!

Ascending Harvest is a revolutionary, three-step produce growing system designed to aid the world’s hunger problem by empowering people to grow their own food.

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“Ascending Harvest will be a real game changer for Kenyan farmers”

Melissa Sullivan

“This humanitarian product will transform the lives of millions around the world.”

Greg Van Alfen

“Their passion is real. The technology is revolutionary. Their crowdfunding campaign is live!”

Jim Rhoads

How the System Works:


Step 1: Add Water

Our system needs a small amount of water that doesn't even need to be potable!

Step 2: Add Nutrients

Only a small amount of edible greens are needed to add to the top of the system regularly.

Step 3: Add Air

The system needs to be hand pumped once a day with a replaceable plastic bottle.